ETHNIC BATIK is an Indonesian traditional batik that has unique motif, pattern and design.  Beside the unique pattern, ETHNIC maintains the batik process, originally handmade. This  make each product has different touch. ETHNIC limit the pattern.
One pattern is produced for limited quantity only. That is the way to keep the exclusivity of each product. ETHNIC is Batik that compose harmony and handmade process with various pattern and contemporary motif. Color exotism and motif in various design are the main superiority of this product.
         By ETHNIC BATIK came new batik product with different nuances, unique patterns, unlimited designs, brave and bright colors so that give new image for Indonesian batik world. Batik is not only for old people anymore, but also for young generation. Because ETHNIC BATIK is young and stylish.
         ETHNIC BATIK‚Äôs products always follow the fashion development without leaving its special characteristics. The products of ETHNIC BATIK are: clothes (woman, man, and child).

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